Service Requirements

Power pole. Electric Service Requirements. February 2006. Umatilla Electric Cooperative, Hermiston Energy Services.Listed below is the complete and up-to-date manual for Umatilla Electric Cooperative (UEC) and Hermiston Energy Services (HES) Electrical Service Requirements (ESR). All requirements are based on UEC and HES policies and standards as well as national, state, and local electrical codes. Their use is intended to promote a safe, efficient manner for receiving electrical service.

ESR Table of Contents (PDF)

  1. ESR General Requirements (PDF)
  2. ESR Permits (PDF)
  3. ESR Services (PDF)
  4. ESR Temporary Construction Service (PDF)
  5. ESR Clearances (PDF)
  6. ESR Underground Requirements (PDF)
  7. ESR Single Family Services (PDF)
  8. ESR Multiple Family Service (PDF)
  9. ESR Manufactured and Mobile Home Service (PDF)
  10. ESR Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural Services (PDF)

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